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 YourWeakness Wants to join Reminisce

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PostSubject: YourWeakness Wants to join Reminisce   Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:37 pm

-Your  pseudo (Character name): YourWeakness

-What Job/Class and level are you:
Ele 121-H currently (I plan to level some more in the next few days)

-Do you have any alt-chars. If so what's their character names:
DeadMansEyes (121-H Blade); rest aren't even master yet and/or not equipped.
IRBuffer (104 RM);
i1337357 (111 Psy i think);
GeneralPayne (some 9x BP. Abandoned)
Shotty (61 Ranger)
I may level RM and Ranger in future, not sure on others

-Does anyone have access to any of your characters:
No. I never have and never will share my accounts.

-Have you used a name change scroll. If yes what did you change from:

-How long have you played FlyFF:
Originally started in 2006 I think it had just gone into v6. I quit soon after v15 and now for some unknown reason I'm back

-Your real name:

-Your age:

-Your current location:

-What languages can you communicate in:

-Do you have any friends in the guild that could refer you: KissMyShock; BerserkerZed

-State your previous guilds as far back as you can remember and why you left the      that/those guild(s):
ieat (or something like that. Was run by Infrequentia in v6 or so if anyone remembers her, lol) I think the guild disbanded
FLiP - Lead was quitting or something and rather than taking over the guild we made a fresh start as Vongola
Vongola - Was there until the day I quit. When I came back I was no longer in it.
I was in these guilds on Blade and/or BP and RM. My RM is still technically in FLiP, but the guild is completely dead.

-How many hours do you plan to play each day/week:
Hard to say. I'm currently very active. In future I'll be on for a few hours on weekends at the very least. Higher activity if a decent event is running at the time.

Answers following questions in a brief paragraph.

-Name a few quality reasons why you'd like to join the guild:
I guess the main reasons would be that the people I've spoken to in the guild so far seem like decent people and potential opportunities. By opportunities I mean for stuff like siege -I don't currently plan on sieging, but if in the future I change my mind, then at I'd be in a siege guild and at least have a chance to fight for a spot-, and the potential to do things like colosseum (not sure if you do secret rooms) and maybe other things.

-Name 2-3 qualities (more if possible) that you have that you think might benefit the   guild:
The main one would probably be loyalty. Once I'm in a guild I generally stick with it and won't do things to intentionally harm the guild. I don't like drama. Unless it's something serious I'd rather take a step back than keep escalating something small into something huge.

-What made you pick Reminisce over other competing guilds:
I've spoken to a couple of people in Reminisce and they don't seem like complete morons/drama queens  Razz
It isn't iCe, nor does it have iCe in it's name. Back before I quit there were very few decent people in iCe (their GL of the time was especially bad), so even if they're different now or not even technically related, I just couldn't bring myself to join them.
More options than most of the other guilds without iCe in their name.
You don't just randomly send guild invites to people

-What are some short-term goals you want to achieve in Flyff?
I'd like to get my Ele to 150

-Tell us something interesting about yourself:
I hate this type of question so much in job interviews. What job am I interviewing for again? It's so hard to keep track. I hope it's not that public toilet cleaner position.

I've read and accepted these guidelines
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YourWeakness Wants to join Reminisce
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